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Jade Christy, Romance Author

Rock Star Chef: Billionaire's Savory Seduction

Rock Star Chef: Billionaire's Savory Seduction

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In the vibrant world of the New York restaurants, my Michelin-starred restaurant was once at the top, but now its star is fading.

The deaths of my mama and grandparents in Italy cast shadows over my passion, leaving me in a culinary rut. Not only am I haunted by their loss, but a realization gnaws at me—I've sacrificed love and family for my career as a rock star in my youth and now a restaurant star. My gruff exterior hides a longing for romance and family.

Then, she walks in—the enigmatic Olivia, my new sous-chef. We had a wordless affair one afternoon in France a year ago, and never thought we would see other again. Now sparks fly as she revamps my kitchen and my life, rekindling the flames of excitement and passion I thought extinguished.

As our hot romance boils full of passion, I'm unaware of her hidden identity. The shock of betrayal hits hard when I discover her true identity, like a dagger to my heart.

I thought she was the one. But now, can the love we've built withstand the storm of secrets, or will it be the bitter aftertaste of our once-sweet passion?

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