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Jade Christy, Romance Author

Billionaire's Journey: Amnesia's Unexpected Love

Billionaire's Journey: Amnesia's Unexpected Love

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A Manhattan Billionaire, A Small-Town Veterinarian. An Undeniable Attraction. An Impossible Decision Under the Montana Stars.

Ninety-hour work weeks, skyscrapers, and endless negotiations defined my life as a billionaire resort developer in New York, ever since my father passed. No time for anything but work and the occassional polo match with beloved horses, a passion.

Love? I wanted it, yes. But it was a foreign concept, until that fateful night in Montana.

On the first night of my off-the-grid trip, amidst rustic charm, I met Sage. We shared secrets, danced to the rhythm of desire, and surrendered to an unforgettable night of passion.

But fate played its hand, steering me off-course the next day. A deer, a cliff, and a devastating crash leaves me crumbled in the road, stranded with amnesia in Montana, my memories and life shattered like glass.

She found me and saved me. I don’t know who I am, but Sage, with her warm smile and her little nephew who needs me, becomes my lifeline. Our shared intimacies and growing bond are very real in this small town.

A villain wants to destroy the beloved town with mining and take away the cherished ski lodge, emblem of better days. Can I find a solution from the depths of my shadowy mind and save the town?

Falling in love with Montana's beauty, its people and Sage, I face an impossible choice when the memories suddenly flood back: return to my old life in New York or stay in this newfound world, where love has ignited my soul.

Can love conquer all?

The finale happens at Christmas.


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