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Jade Christy, Romance Author

Billionaire's Fake Engagement: Best Friend's Sister

Billionaire's Fake Engagement: Best Friend's Sister

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My family will NOT take no for an answer, so I’m faking it with my best friend’s sister.

I’m set to inherit our large empire, but not without an engagement. Before I am 30. Which is in 6 months.

The annual family retreat is coming up in ten days. I need to bring my fake fiancée.

I haven’t seen my best friend’s sister, Isabelle, since she was a scrawny kid.

But damn! She is smoking hot!

I am totally taken by her when we meet. Those eyes, that sensual body, her hair, her fiery spirit.  I want her. Like no woman I have ever wanted.

But I promised Olly, my best friend, that she would be safe with me. I’m not sure anymore.

I make her an offer she can’t refuse. But what was once fake is becoming more real for me. But what about her?

Paparazzi pictures threaten our charade, trust wavers, jealousy rears its head.

This whole thing could blow up in my face, and the stakes are too high.

I can lose it all – my inheritance, CEO position, my best friend.

Can I risk it all for her?

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