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Jade Christy, Romance Author

Billionaire's Dangerous Seduction: Small Town, Age-Gap Romance

Billionaire's Dangerous Seduction: Small Town, Age-Gap Romance

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This is a small town, age-gap, alpha billionaire steamy romance.


Who's the mysterious dancer captivating my heart at the Louisville Sapphire Club, and why does she resist my every advance?

I thought I had it all —wealth, power, success—until I laid eyes on her. “Angel”, the gorgeous star dancer at the Sapphire Club, ignites a passion in me I never knew existed. I had long ago given up on ever finding a woman.

She's not like any other; there's a strength in her despite her age.  She's independent, driven, beautiful and refuses to be swayed by my charms. Yet, as I watch her from afar, I know I must have her.

Can I break through her defenses and show her the love she deserves, or will my billionaire status only push her further away? And with a dangerous stalker threatening her safety, can I protect her from the shadows that haunt her?

Angela's resistance only fuels my determination to win her heart. But I fear I may lose her before I ever truly have her.


Who's the captivating billionaire threatening to shatter my carefully constructed walls?

I thought I had my life figured out after the devastating accident that took my parents—finish nursing school, support myself by dancing at the Sapphire Club, and keep my heart guarded against love.

Then Damien Blackwell walked in, turning my world upside down with his charm and determination. But while his love may come easily, mine is hard-earned, and I'm not sure I'm ready to let him in. There's something about him that draws me in, but can I resist? Should I?

With my hard-fought goals within reach and a dangerous stalker lurking in the shadows, I can't afford to get distracted. Can I trust Damien to protect me, or will his love only bring more danger into my life?

Yet, I realize I may need him more than I ever thought possible. Will I be brave enough to take a chance on love, or will fear keep me from finding true happiness?

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