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Jade Christy, Romance Author

Billionaire Rock Star Wedding Date

Billionaire Rock Star Wedding Date

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Who's the gorgeous bridesmaid tasked with taming my wild ways at the tropical wedding of my best friend?

She's supposed to “babysit” me?

Hell, this wedding just got interesting!

She's all rules and order; I'm all chaos and rebellion. Caught her off guard with my infamous sense of humor and sex appeal, and I'm not even sorry.

I'm Gabriel Westwood—billionaire rock star, notorious bad boy. Here I am, supposed to play the perfect best man for my childhood friend. Trouble is, she wants me to play by the rules.

I've got a reputation—trashing hotels, partying hard, living life like a never-ending riff. And she is temptation wrapped in a bridesmaid's dress.

We are sharing a cabana so she can keep me under control, but it’s not going the way she planned.

She's got fire in her eyes and curves that make my guitar strings hum. And man, I catch her stealing glances that ignite me. And she can make things steamy.

When I set my sights on her, sparks fly, and our lives turns into a hot mess of passion, stolen kisses and scandalous escapades. She makes it tough, trying to resist my charms.

From fireworks on the beach to unexpected passion between the sheets, we're dancing an unexpected rhythm.

I've got a week to prove I'm not just a bad boy. Little does she know, beneath the headlines, I'm a man with secrets worth discovering. And I secretly want her. Will she let me rewrite the melody of her heart?

Let's see if this rock star can make her fall, not just for my music, but for me.

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