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Jade Christy, Romance Author

Billionaire Obsessed with the Artist - Just Published!

Billionaire Obsessed with the Artist - Just Published!

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Small town girl in New York and a lone-wolf alpha billionaire; a steamy romance of redemption and second chances; with a Happily Ever After

Who's the fiery artist captivating my gaze, igniting desires I thought long extinguished?

Stepping into Sophia's world of vibrant colors, I'm entranced by more than just her art. Her beauty, her talent, they beckon to a part of me I thought buried beneath my billionaire facade. But as I delve deeper, I sense her hesitation, her walls built high from past betrayals and scars. Can I break through, prove I'm not just another wolf in sheep's clothing, and show her the love she deserves? Or will my relentless, obsessed pursuit only drive her further away?

What about my own deep scars I keep hidden? And when a threat from her past rears its head, will it offer redemption or more pain?

In the clash of our worlds, Sophia may hold the key to unlocking my heart, but can I convince her to take the risk?

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