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Jade Christy, Romance Author

A Billionaire's Secret Baby: Second Chance at True Love

A Billionaire's Secret Baby: Second Chance at True Love

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A Love Lost. A Passion Rekindled. A Son Concealed.

Jake Whitman left Montana to make a name and fortune of his own in New York.

And he accomplished his goals. Now a billionaire playboy at the pinnacle with all the trappings, he feels empty.

Jake can’t stop thinking of his first love, Lexi.  Can he find her again, and rekindle their timeless passion? 

Everything about her is seared into his memory. Her lips, her responsive body, her cascading hair. Her laugh. Her sass. A woman whose beauty was as raw and real as the wilderness they roamed together.

Little does he know what he left behind eighteen years ago was also a baby. A secret baby.

An unexpected tragedy occurs, and Jake must return to take over the Montana ranch, at least for a time. 

Will he see Lexi again or is his dream of her a long-gone false hope? Will he be able to win her back, Is there too much anger? Too many complications? Too much lost time?

The overwhelming secret, once revealed to Jake, might bring it all crashing down.

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