“Wedding Planner’s FAKE ENGAGEMENT With the Billionaire”, my February Release

“Wedding Planner’s FAKE ENGAGEMENT With the Billionaire”, my February Release

My latest romance has just published. It’s a fun, steamy tale of yearning and hidden feelings. The tropes are friends to lovers, small town romance, billionaires, secret yearning and fake engagement.

Here is the blurb from both character’s point of view:

Caught in a Fake Engagement with My Best Friend? Hell, Why Not?

Since being named Aspen’s “Most Eligible Bachelor”, there are countless women vying for my attention and money. But secretly, all I have ever wanted was Aubrey, my best friend since childhood. She is the perfect woman to me. But I don’t want risk my friendship by declaring myself to her.

When Aubrey’s dream of becoming a wedding planner hits a snag with snobby momzillas, I offer a solution: a fake engagement. Elevate her social status and get the unwanted women off my back. It’s a win-win, right? Wrong.

The more time I spend pretending to be engaged, the more I realize how very deeply I’ve fallen for her. And damn, that sexy night we were snowed in overnight at a mountain cabin sealed my feelings for her. But now, as a stalker threatens her safety, I’ll do anything to protect the woman I secretly love, even if it means risking our friendship forever.

Caught between a fake engagement and my real feelings, I’m playing a dangerous game. But as the stakes rise, I’m forced to confront the truth: I can’t imagine my life without her by my side, and I’ll fight to keep her safe.  

**Aubrey’s point of view**

Playing with Fire: A Fake Engagement with My Best Friend?   

Just as I’m ready to take Aspen’s wedding scene by storm, I’m met with snobbery and disdain. Enter Julian, my best friend and secret crush since forever. Oh, and he’s at the top of the Aspen social heirarchy. His solution: a fake engagement. It will elevate my status and shield him from relentless pursuers since he was named Aspen’s “Most Eligible Bachelor”.

Our fake engagement takes on a life of its own, igniting sparks that refuse to be extinguished. With each stolen glance and whispered confession, I find myself falling deeper for Julian, even as danger looms on the horizon.

With danger lurking in the shadows and my secret passion hidden, will we survive the ultimate test or will the fake engagement and our friendship collapse?



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