"Billionaire Incognito": Jade Christy romance – with a virgin!

"Billionaire Incognito": Jade Christy romance – with a virgin!

Billionaire Incognito: Learning to Love is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle (included in Kindle Unlimited.)

The blurb:

Who’s the elusive billionaire at the spectacular Morgan Gala? Well, that’s me, incognito as Alex Oliver replacing Alexander Morgan. And sparks fly with the girl who hates my world.

As Alex Oliver, I find myself entranced by the captivating Emma Bennett, an investigative reporter on a mission at the gala. She is determined to expose the dark side of wealth and Alexander Morgan. She also happens to be scarred by a billionaire father who deserted her.

We dance and share a night of passion that transcends my sheltered virginal existence, and turns my world upside down. Time spent together over the next weeks weave a tale of love and exploration yet deception. Beneath the surface, I harbor a love for dogs and animals, a passion for charity, and an ache for connection.

As we fall in love, I dread the reveal that could shatter our newfound love. My secret identity threatens to unravel as she digs deeper. I fear losing her, the woman who’s taught me about love and life.

The truth finally revealed, our love hangs in the balance. Can I convince Emma that my heart is true, or will the scars of betrayal keep us apart forever?

It’s a lovely love story with steam. Find it on Amazon here.

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